The Best First-Time International Trips for Families

First-Time International Trips for Families
First-Time International Trips for Families

I will discuss The Best First-Time International Trips for Families in this post. Costa Rica, Portugal, and Italy, the top three first-time family holiday locations requested by the Global Community, meet all three criteria. See why these locations are so popular with families.

Excursions in Costa Rica’s Nature

Costa Rica is a great choice if you’re taking your kids on their first vacation abroad. Flights departing from the United States are quick, cheap, and mostly within two time zones. American currencies are accepted, and English is frequently spoken.

From verdant jungles to soaring waterfalls and gorgeous beaches, outdoor exploration and animal observation opportunities are abundant. Wildcat feeding, nocturnal frog walks, animal refuge excursions, and rock climbing are just a few family-friendly activities.

Pura Vida (the pure or simple existence) is an integral part of Costa Rican culture and can only be fully appreciated by visiting the country. And even the pickiest diners will find something they like in Costa Rica’s ultra-fresh food. Expert advice: kids and adults love our half-day chocolate tour and waterfall expedition!

Exploring Portugal’s Rich Cultural Past

Flying to Portugal from the East Coast is easy, but once you arrive, you’ll feel like you’ve entered another universe. Sweet little towns, a wild Atlantic coast, beaches of varying shades of gold, and ancient cities await travellers.

Portugal is the oldest nation in Europe, having established its boundaries in 1139 A.D. It has a rich cultural history to support this claim. Learn from a famous baker in Mafra how to make the traditional Portuguese pastry known as pastel de nata. Lisbon, the nation’s capital, has a long and storied history that you can learn about on a trip that will take you back to medieval times.

Indulge in the tranquillity of the wine region at So Lorenço, a 200-year-old estate next to Lake Alqueva. Wine tasting is only one of several cultural activities available in the wine region for families, along with hot air balloon flights, horseback riding, fishing, and boat trips.

The Italian Riviera: A Perfect Place to Relax

Italy offers it all when it comes to outdoor activities, historical sites, and five-star beaches. Cultural diversity abounds in Italy’s vibrant Rome, Florence, and Venice metropolises. The organic farms and vineyards in the country’s bucolic countryside are the source of the country’s delicious gastronomy and wonderful viticulture.

The Italian Riviera is synonymous with a resort-style lifestyle, vast beaches, and a wide variety of water activities. You’ll never run out of kid-friendly destinations in the Cinque Terre, which range from picturesque cliffside towns to luxurious resorts and the vibrant fishing villages of the region.

Sunbathers, swimmers, and sandcastle-makers all go to beaches for various reasons. The Mediterranean’s blue seas are ideal for snorkelling and sailing vacations to distant, sunny islands. Incredible food (hello, gelato!) and a pleasant, family-oriented vibe make for a fantastic first-time trip with the kids.

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